Sunday, February 24, 2008

Versatile and handsome

Penelope Cruz is out to present the Foreign Language Film. Four of them are war films. Interesting. "The Counterfeiters" wins. You know how this won? The voters said "Well, there's Nazis in it, it must be good."

"The versatile and handsome" Patrick Dempsey presents another "Enchanted" song. "Versatile and handsome?" Did scabs write up the intros? "Enchanted" had better win with one of these, or there's going to be no joy in Mudville.

Is that Isla Fisher... I mean Amy Adams dancing with the prince guy? Man, they're getting mileage out of her tonight. I can't tell if it's her.

John Travolta waltzes his way on stage with one of the dancers from the last number, nice segue. Then he nearly trips at the podium. THAT'S what Colin Farrell was bitching about. Travolta presents Best Song and "Once" wins. There is no joy in Mudville. The Irish guy makes a nice speech about how amazed he is to be there. Then Conti steps all over the Polish girl.

Jon makes a funny quip about the guy being arrogant. Then does a bit about Travolta leaving the lights on his jet, prompting Travolta to run back out. Speaking of unconscionable carbon footprints, no references to the environment. It's been a mercifully unpolitical evening on the whole. Of course, if "Sicko" wins, that's all out the window.

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JD said...

I was happy to see Once get it!!