Sunday, February 24, 2008

A bit of class

YAY! They bring the Czech girl back out to give her thank yous. That's classy.

I think Jon's doing good.

Time check: 11:03. 27 minutes.

Cameron Diaz comes out and has more trouble with English than Marion Cotillard. She's presenting Best Cinematography. They should have let her present Best Picture, that's only three syllables. Robert Elswitt wins for "There Will Be Blood." I feel bad for Roger Deakins.

Hillary Swank) is out to do the tribute. It ends with Heath Ledger. Roy Scheider would be in next year's.

Here's Amy Adams again. I don't think that was her in the dance number. Maybe it was Isla Fisher. She's presenting Best Score. "Atonement" wins. No complaints here. He seems to go a little long without being played off. I think Conti is looking out for his musical brethren.

Tom Hanks presents some soldiers in Baghdad to present Short Documentary. That's cool. I can't say anything about these films because I know absolutely nothing about them. Okay, the winner is more overcome than Marion Cotillard.

Tom presents the awards for Best Doc. It would have been HUGELY ironic if the soldiers presented these with three anti-war films. "Taxi to the Dark Side" wins. Michael Moore gets no camera time. The winner gives a charged speech, but doesn't name names. Surprisingly tame evening thus far.

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JD said...

I was thinking the same thing about the soldiers and the Iraq themed films.