Sunday, February 24, 2008

To Robert Boyle: Congratulations, kid

They come back from break with Jon and the 11 year old from earlier playing Wii Tennis. And the crowd's into it. Cute.

Here's Colin Farrell to present a song from that Irish movie that everyone likes so well, the name of which completely escapes me for the moment.

You know what I haven't seen yet? They haven't done a single video montage for any of the Best Pic nominees. I wonder if they dropped that.

Here's Jack, all hail! Holy crap, he actually had a change of shades. He presents a self gratifying recap of EVERY BEST PICTURE WINNER FOR THE PAST 80 YEARS. What's the biggest injustice here? I can only comment on the ones in my lifetime and that's "Titanic" for me. But there's personal baggage involved there, I confess.

I should be timing this... We're an hour out from the scheduled finish. Are they going to make it?

"Saving Private Ryan" was robbed. As was "L.A. Confidential" the year before. That was a double kick to the balls.

"Bourne Ultimatum" wins for Editing. Bourne's doing well tonight. Albeit in technical awards. Not that it isn't a good movie.

Jon makes a joke about someone getting ahead in their Oscar pool on a guess about the editing award. That's borderline offensive to all the technical people, but it's true. And funny.

Nicole Kidman has a chandelier around her neck. Red dresses and maternity. Those are the trends tonight. She's presenting the Honorary Oscar for Robert Boyle, production designer. Wow, he's 98 years old. Why didn't the Academy wait a little longer on this one? They cut to Hal Holbrook in the audience, who's a kid by comparison. Robert proceeds to tell his life story. All 98 years of it. 45 minutes until the scheduled end of the show and it's BURNING UP. He wraps it up. I thought he'd turn 100 before his speech finished. All kidding aside, good for Robert. He damn well earned it. And his speech was actually beautiful.

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JD said...

I was happy that Bourne won those, but all of the films nominated were good in those fields.
But I love the Bourne films.