Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rice Piaf

Jessica Alba presented the Technical awards earlier in a cafeteria. I guess that's the consolation to the tech folks for not being on the big show "Hey, at least Jessica Alba's presenting."

A writing award! Best Adpated Screenplay. I love that everyone pays homage to Jack. He's the Godfather. Uh oh, chalk up another one for "No Country." Something's brewing... The Coens acceptance speech was charmingly awkward.

An explanation of the selection and voting process. HA! I laugh, because I know that nobody's watching everything they're supposed to.

Superdelegate joke. That kind of counts as an HRC/Obama reference.

Here's Miley Cyrus. Huh? She's not really a movie person. Not yet, anyway. Red is the color du jour for dresses. And SHE is the mystery woman I couldn't identify during the red carpet portion. She looks growns up in her gown.

Another "Enchanted" song.

Jon makes a joke about the pregnant ladies: Jessica Alba, Cate Blanchett, and Nicole Kidman. He already made one before, and now they're putting them on the big screen. I'm sure this is just as enjoyable for them as every stranger in Kodak Theater coming up and rubbing their bellies.

Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill! They do a bit and present Sound Editing. The winners get the orchestra treatment.

Now Sound Mixing. I had no clue editing and mixing were two separate categories. It's a "Bourne" sweep. That means the poor bastard who was nominated for "Transformers" continues his record winless streak. THESE guys get the music, too.

BEST ACTRESS. Forest Whitaker presents and quotes Brando. Well, I guess the writers quote Brando. Cate looks scared by her own clip. The Euro-love continues as Marion Cotillard gets it. She's really overcome. It's a Roberto Benigni moment, as the emotions and lack of English cause her to babble charmingly unintelligible phrases.

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JD said...

I love her in this film.
I was happy to see her win.