Sunday, February 24, 2008

Score one for the White Witch

Javier kisses his mom on the lips. Shades of Angelina Jolie!

The advertising during the breaks is definitely female-centric.

"The star of August Rush, Kerri Russell." Too bad Jon couldn't have said a good movie, like "Waitress."

The 11 year old has got a set of pipes.

Here's Owen Wilson for Live Action Short. I love that he translated "Le Mozart de Pickpockets" into English: "The Mozart of Pickpockets." I never would have guessed. And it wins. A lot of love for the Europeans tonight.

Here's Seinfeld presenting as an animated bee. Who's the more famous animated bee? Seinfeld or Antonio Banderas? Ah, he's presenting Best Animated Short. "Peter and the Wolf" wins, I know nothing about this film, but it does my heart good to see a stop-motion film do well.

Here's some trivia, on Roseanne, both her mother and grandmother were Oscar winners, Estelle Parsons and Shelly Winters.

Best Supporting Actress time.

The "Atonement" girl reminds me so much of somebody, but I can't think of who. It could be a man, though.

Tilda Swinton wins. That's a mild surprise. Well, I didn't really have a pick there, but I can't say her performance jumped out at me. Not that it wasn't good. In fact, she was a rather sympathetic villain. She jokes about George Clooney being on set in his nippled Batman costume. Nice.

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JD said...

Tilda Swinton is long overdue. THat was a nice turn of evetns.