Sunday, February 24, 2008

Anton Chigurh pwns you

The Rock is presenting Best Visual Effects. Hey... Rock kind of looks like a super buff Obama, hmmm... "Golden Compass" wins. Let's see if these guys get to finish their speech. They give the poor technical guys like 2 seconds.

They made it! Each guy got shorter and shorter. It's like the last guy was practically doing semaphore.

"Sweeney Todd" gets Art Direction. Well deserved. Man, Cate Blanchett seems to be pregnant whenever she's not making a movie. And then practically every movie when she's not Bob Dylan.

Musical hook #3.

Okay, first acting award, Best Supporting Actor. Which of course, gives us masturbatory video #2. Holy crap, it's been 11 years since Cuba won? At least he got to play Nicky Barnes in "American Gangster." It was depressing to watch him playing second banana to Michael Jordan in underwear commercials.

If Javier doesn't get this one, I may leave the building. No disrespect to anyone else in the category. I'd love if Casey Affleck won just because then he'd have an acting award and Ben wouldn't.

Javier wins, and the universe still makes sense. He's either with his mom or into much older chicks. Okay, it's his mom. He busts out the Spanish to thank her and dedicate the award to EspaƱa.

Let's see if this is the start of something for "No Country."

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JD said...

Yay for Javier!!!