Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best Animated Flick

They just ran the same Yukon Hybrid commercial with the animated Sisyphus-like guy pushing the rock up the hill. They're really appealing to the intellectual, green audience with that.

The Cloonster is having a bit of trouble getting started with his presentation, here. It happens to middle age men.

Oh yeah, I forgot to give an over/under on masturbatory videos. Well, regardless, here's the first. I think it was the 75th when they brought out all the living winners from the past 75 years. God, that took forever. I'd love to see Ernie Borgnine here tonight, though.

I just figured out how this could be more grating, play "My Heart Will Go On."

Anne Hathaway looks like she's made out of porcelain. Stay out of the sun, sweetheart.

"Persepolis" sounded like "For Syphilis." And incidentally, I think it sucks that "Persepolis" didn't get a Best Foreign Language nomination and has to go up against "Ratatouille."

Funny acceptance speech by Brad Bird... and he gets the hook. Cue the orchestra! #1

Katherine Heigl looks VERY Marilyn Monroe tonight. She's nervous as hell. That's cute. She just offered the envelope to the winner and said "Do you want this?" That's cute.

"Get the f*ck off the stage" #2, take it away Conti.

Isla Fisher... Sorry, Amy Adams is singing a song from "Enchanted." She does really well.

There's a piece with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones talking about their respective Oscar wins. I still hate Michael Douglas for stealing Catherine from me.

Alright, the right eye commercial is the first to rock my socks. It's for Mastercard.

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JD said...

Persepolis was pretty good and should have gotten a foreign film nominations. I have to say all five of those films look good.