Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best Costume Design!

Here we go.

Opening film is a big CG composite of famous films through out history. It's a lot like what they do for the NBA Finals... also on ABC, incidentally. Peter Jackson's King Kong punching Roland and Emmerich's Godzilla was pretty cool.

And here's Jonny with writers' strike reference #1.

Danny Day Lewis has a big hoop earing. That's interesting.

Jon's doing pretty good so far, but Billy's songs were always great.

Jon just made a joke about Anton Chigurh to Javier. Tommy Lee Jones' face looked like it was made out of granite.

HRC reference #1.

They show the girl from Atonement who's up for Best Supporting. I don't think she's that young, I think her hair's pulled back so tight it makes her look like she's 11.

Does an Olympia Dukakis joke count as political?

Iraq War reference #1.

HRC 2, Obama 1.

Wesley Snipes is out of jail and sitting next to Spike.

Obama 2.

No offense to Jon, but I miss the song. It would have been hell trying to get a light musical number out of this year's Best Pic nominees, though.

First award, Costume Design. It goes to Elizabeth. Didn't see it, can't really comment. Although, Elizabeth was largely regarded as a stinker, but at least they can slap "Academy Award Winner" on the Blu-Ray packaging.

Does Barbara Streisand reminiscing count as a political?

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JD said...

Babs has always scared me.

The Elizabeth award is weird-- there were better films to pick.