Friday, September 26, 2008

RunCom #239: The People vs. David Blaine

Running Commentary #239:

I talk about why people don't like David Blaine and other randomness


videoclerk82 said...

Haven't commented in a criminally long time. LiLo yesterday was brilliant. Don't underestimate Vincent Mancini as a don & I would like to volunteer my services to help stockpile breastmilk.

JD said...

Never underestimate Vincent Mancini because he was the one of possessed all of Vito's smarts-- street and brain in the end. He had Sonny and Michael in him and that is why he was the only suitable heir.
The hit on Zasa and the the vendettas during the Opera were bloody brilliant.

BTW, I am an absolute fraud, no need to ever mention my name on your blogs. All you are doing is tainting your reputation. :)