Thursday, April 24, 2008

RunCom #85: My concerns about Righteous Kill

Running Commentary #85:

Is a film with Al Pacino and Robert Deniro an automatic slamdunk?


JD said...

Jon Avnet is no Michael Mann.
88 Minutes like many recent Pacino films was really bad.
The last thing I really liked Pacino in was The Insider. DeNiro-- I like when he directs-- You know that.
I think this film will be so-so.
It's great to see them together.
I don't think it will be in the league of Inside Man or even the Duvall/DeNiro film True Confessions from long ago.
You never know, but if 88 Minutes is the litmus test, we are in trouble.

videoclerk82 said...

No mention of the hate crime that the Wizards perpetrated against Lebron and the Cavs?