Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Star Wars Episode IV.I: Revenge of the Fanboys

Okay... My theory is that youtube did a review of this to make sure it was kosher and temporarily took it down, because it's back now. For the moment.

This was for my Field and Lighting Class down at SCAD back in 2005(?). The assignment was Fantasy vs. Reality. So I did a forced perspective shot with a toy of the Millennium Falcon. I screwed up, though, by not widening out on my last shot to really destroy the illusion. It almost works too well the way it is. Plus, my friends as Star Wars characters is totally self-indulgent and it cracks me up.


1 comment:

JD said...

There is no way that is Elric!!!

OK, but that was pretty funny. Major kudos to you. I have a feeling that will get a lot of hits for you.