Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am middle aged and unsuccessful

I've been waiting for two weeks to hear back about a callback for a great role in a short film. I was really happy with what I did in both the audition and the callback, and the producer-writer told me over the phone that he and director both loved me. I had "won the regional" as he put it, meaning I was the best actor that auditioned for the part locally. However, they had to do another round of auditions in New York and Los Angeles. Rehearsals begin tomorrow, and I've not heard back. So it's safe to say I can stick a fork in this one. It would have been a tremendous opportunity both as a challenge for me as an actor and for the exposure.

Upon returning from a teleprompting job today, I decided to continue my massive reorganization effort by going through my things and separating the useful from the useless. It wasn't the best idea given my sensitivity over the callback. There are tons of documents from my script submissions to various competitions, the vast majority of which were fruitless, which makes me feel like I haven't made any forward progress in the past few years. There's all of my Slamdance memorabilia, which stings because I'm not there this year. And then there are all the old birthday cards I keep as a result of my overwhelming sentimentality, which makes me feel old.

Days like these test my resiliency. I need some good luck.

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JD said...

You know baby, you really might want to do the big move to Los Angeles. This place is fine for the political and industrial stuff.
Yes, you, Paul, Colin and Bridget and the Women's Studies are helping make it worthwhile around here.
But you have the scripts and the talent. That's where you need to go.
I should have never come back.
And I am fucking everything else up right now. So I may have to go back.

But you will get to where you need to go soon enough. You were not meant to caption or teleprompt for long. That's just bullshit.