Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am no producer

Since summer, I've been working on my feature project, Designated Driver. The project came as a result of my failure to get my script, Pennsyltucky, made. Truthfully, I could have tried harder with Pennsyltucky, but I loathe producing and I couldn't find a person who believed in the project as much as I did.

While I haven't abandoned Pennsyltucky, my irresistible itch to make a feature gave way to Designated Driver, a film that could be made in my immediate area for a fraction of what it would take to do Pennsyltucky the right way. Even after stacking the deck considerably in my favor with this project, I'm frustrated by the morass of producing. And so I've decided to simplify even further.

Producing is a very thankless, creatively unrewarding process. At least early on. So I've decided to do something that requires practically no producing at all. Before getting to Designated Driver, I'm going to make a feature with seven actors, a handful of locations, and no money. This will serve two purposes:

1) I can exercise my directing muscles that have been inactive since I made Videopolis.
2) I will have made a feature, which will both rid a considerable monkey from my back and serve as something to flaunt in front of potential investors.

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