Friday, August 9, 2013

Spike Lee's Kickstarter past the halfway point

Really good write up by Jane Hu on about Spike's Kickstarter at the halfway point. Spike has had a lot of big backers, including one of my idols, Stephen Soderbergh. But the smaller backers, presumably the regular folk, represent a much smaller percentage. So the campaign isn't exactly setting the rest of the world on fire in the way that Zach Braff's and Veronica Mars gang's did. I personally don't share the same level of outrage that some have over a man with a reported net worth of $40 million asking for money, but I do think Spike's campaign could be significantly better. Jane comments on this, too, as Spike's strategy seems to be: "I'm Spike Lee. You know my movies. Give me money for my next Joint."